Unlawful additions to the Fairmont Windsor hotel vs. offer to demolish buildings on Parkwood.

The old Savill Court is marked in green, blue shows lawful additions of buildings and hardstanding, red and orange are unlawful extensions, buildings and hardstanding. Pink shows the derelict Parkwood house, a bungalow, car port and barn, on the same scale, offered for demolition
Arora Group land in Englefield Green

Land on Oaklands Park offered for removal from the Green Belt for housing

Note that the site boundaries for the Savill Court / Fairmont Windsor Park hotel have been changed several times in Arora Group applications to imply that two of the tree houses are not on the hotel site. The retrospective planning applications for the hotel and the treehouses also overlap. It’s a legal mess.

Runnymede Green Belt
Runnymede Borough connectivity showing footpaths
Runnymede borough accessible green space and lakes